Too Much!

Emily Swinnea

Overpopulation in the United States

Some people in the U. S., including me, may think that we are not overpopulated, although after I started this project I realized that we may just be overpopulated. How are we overpopulated you might ask? Well first of all the real definition off overpopulation is not how many people you can stuff onto a specific area of land without them falling of, but rather how many people can be on the same land mass with enough ecological and natural resources to sustain them. Therefore with that said do you think the United States is overpopulated or not?

This is all of my questionare stuff, Enjoy!


9 people passed my survey and 12 people failed my survey. But all of that was because I wanted to teach people something when they take my survey. What they were suposed to learn was the real and true definition of overpopulation is not about how many people, but if there are enough resources to sustain the body of people living in that are or what have you. That was the main point of my project after all, that is why I focused on the United States because I think that we are a great example of overpopulation by its true definition.

My research

If you would like to you can look at all of my research. I have worked really hard on this project and I am really proud of it.

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