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Research Summary

Autism is a disorder that we need to find a cure to. The reason that we need to find a cure to it is that there are so many people out there who, are autistic, know someone who is autistic, or who are related to someone who is autistic.

firstly, autism is basically a disease that inhibits someones ability to be social. secondly, in the words of Peter Reuell, ¨In a July 31 study described in Neuron, Takao K. Hensch, a professor of molecular and cellular biology and of neurology, and Nadine Gogolla, now a group leader at the Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology in Germany, found that boosting inhibitory neurotransmission early in brain development could reverse deficits in sensory integration associated with autismlike symptoms.¨ In other words, we are making more breakthroughs in the studies of autism every day. Finally, in another quote by Peter Reuell, he states that: ¨Further study of the critical period may help researchers gain a better understanding of the core pathology in autism and other psychiatric disorders where multisensory integration is affected, and could ultimately lead to the development of novel therapies or biomarkers for early diagnosis.¨ In other words, there is a certain period in life where autism takes hold of our mind and won’t be denied access to our social behavior. We have to focus our research on finding the cure to this social disruptor.