Mesopotamia News Time!!!

By: Crisel Franco

The wheeled cart!!!

Do you have a wheeled cart if you don’t it could help you move heavy loads like your harvest. It could help you move construction materials like sand,and rocks. You can use the wheeled cart to move goods. Also can be used to travel. The wheeled cart can be pulled by oxes, donkeys or horses .

Drought Nooooooo!!!!

A Drought is approximating be aware. What should we do? We can do ditches, canals, dams, and dikes to move water to dry areas. If we don’t make ditches, canals, dams,and dikes we will not have water and your crops may dry and we will not have water to drink. Also the sun will bake and harden the clay soil.

Interview Timeeee!!!!!!!

me: Right now I have Isac here.

Isac: hi.

me: How old are you?

Isac: I’m 35 years old.

me: What do you work on?

Isac: I work in agriculture

me: Are you married?

Isac: Yes

me: Do you have any children?

Isac: Yes I have 2 daughters, and 1 son.

me: Do you have a special skill?

Isac: Yes

me: What it is it?

Isac: We domesticate oxes to used them for work.

me: I will give you in advice you should work with horses because they are more faster then oxes.

Isac: oooh yeah that is a great idea

me: Isac do you and your family like to do something in their free time?

Isac: Yes we do

me: What is it?

Isac: We like to go fishing.