By: Jamya and Rosie


Huang He River


China was built along the Huang He River in Asia.The Huang He River flooded every year. The floods were very dangerous, it caused lots of damage.


In China the rivers would flood every year and leave silt.It was hard for people to control the flood.

Written Language

In ancient China people created pictographs. Pictographs are symbols to represent objects.Ideographs are written languages and were used as characters or symbols.

Political Symbols

Along the Huang He river in china they had dynasty that ruled the area.Dynasty are series of rulers form the same family.In other river valleys kings uaslly were in charge.


In china they had hon docters.They used acputure to heal people.In chins they silt roads and they had statuies epics.


In China two philosophies began. They are confutainism and taoism. The founder was Kung Fu Tuz.Taoism began in China by a philosopher named Lao-Tse.