100m Butterfly

Kick, stroke, and breathe!

Lets Dive In!

The 100 meter butterfly is one of the events in the Olympics for swimming. It is one of the four strokes in Olympic swimming. It was discovered by swimmers when they realized they could swim faster by bringing their arms forward over their heads. Soon after, the butterfly stroke became a part of the Olympics.

Can Women Catch Up?

It might take a long time, but women will eventually catch up to the men's time in 2661. After that year they will have a faster time then men in the 100 meter butterfly event.

The Goal

The goal of the Olympic project is to find out if women will ever catch up to men in the Olymic events. Women have been behind men for a long time and we are trying to find out when will women have a better time in the event. I'm going to show you when women will catch up to men in the 100 meter butterfly event in swimming.

Scatter Plot

The pink square represents women and the blue X's represent the men in the Olympic event, butterfly 100 meters
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Linear Regression (Lines of Best Fit)

Each line is the line of best fit for women and men Olympic gold medalist from the year 1976 to 2012

When Will Women Surpass Men?

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What Does This Mean?

The intersection shows when women will be equal in time. Men and women will be equally ranked in the year 2661.

X Coordinates? Y Coordinates?

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