organized crime

Sasha Mast

Bugsy Siegal

Benjamin “bugsy” Siegal was born Feb 28 1906. He was a poor Jewish boy who found out that crime was a good way to make a quick buck from the local rug-rats around his hometown. He followed that path and became a high rolling bootlegger who enjoyed dry martinis and Cuban cigars. He married his high school sweetheart Esta Krakower. When his daughters were young he got sent to Las Vegas to open up a new casino and make more money for the boss. He pressured the owner of the famous flamingo casino to allow him to co-own the upcoming joint. He took over the building plans and ended up spending much more money than originally planned. The casino opened on a rainy weekend and all of the celebrity attention they had hoped to gain was lost. The casino went bankrupt 2 weeks after opening and it took two months to get it up and running again. When the casino finally reopened it was a huge hit and he had tripled all the money he had spent on it within 3 weeks of service. The bosses back home didn't hear of his success and only heard of the casino going bankrupt and costing them a lot more money. He was arranged to be killed by his wife’s brother and was sprayed with bullets in his mistress, Virginia hill’s living room while she was shooting a movie out of country. One bullet tore out his left eye and threw it across the room. His mistress later committed suicide. Nobody was ever charged with the murder.

Al Capone

Al Capone was born January 17, 1899. He was one of 9 children. At age 14, Al was expelled out of private school for hitting a female teacher in the face. He then moved to Chicago where her became a bodyguard for local speakeasies. Al got his nickname “scarface al” because he insulted a woman while he was body guarding and her brother cut him on his face. On December 30, 1918, at age 19, Capone married Mae Josephine Coughlin, who was Irish Catholic and who, earlier that month, had given birth to their first son, Albert Francis. At 26 Capone's boss, torrio was shot several times and after recovering he resigned and gave the boss title to Capone. He was considered a hero by the public until the st. valentines day massacre of 7 FBI agents. They could not tie him to the murders but in April 1930 he was arrested on vagrancy charges. After he was released from jail he was admitted to the union memorial hospital for the treatment of paresis. On January 21, 1947 Capone had a stroke and contracted pneumonia. He had a fatal cardiac arrest the next day

George Remus

George Remus born November 14, 1874. he was originally a lawyer, specializing in murderers and then at 24 he decided he wanted to be a bootlegger and bought a big factory. he worked for awhile as a successful bootlegger (successful enough to be nicknamed the "king of bootleggers") in 1925 he was convinced of not following the Volstead act and was sentenced to 2 years in a federal prison. he later died at age 77 in Kentucky.