SoyL Scents Candles, Wax Tarts, Melter Gems, Soaps And More!

SoyL Scents isn't an ordinary candle or company. Our affordable, premium soy wax candles and tart chunks are made from two types of soybeans (a renewable resource) grown in the USA! That's right, these candles and tarts are imported from Texas, USA. Other fine SoyL Scents products include soy soap, room spray, electric wax melters, plug-in warmers, Candle Gems and Melter Gems. With all of these quality products and over 50 fragrances, certainly you will find something to Satisfy your Senses! Discover our scents at

~SoyL Scents candles have 100% cotton or wood wicks
~SoyL Scents candles have a vibrant color and creamy texture
~SoyL Scents candles have a superior scent throw and burn time
~SoyL Scents tart chunks have a superior melt time and scent throw
~SoyL Scents candles and tart chunks contain natural botanical oils
~SoyL Scents room & travel sprays are super concentrated
~SoyL Scents Melter Gems give off a beautiful fragrance almost immediately!

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