Homework: Dec. 8 Dec. 12, 2014

Mrs. Wells and Mrs. Reim

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1 Homework page 8-5 Fractions on a Number Line

2 Homework page 8-1 Improper Fractions

3 20 minutes of TTM (minimum)


1 Homework 8-1 Divison with Remainders

2 Homework 7-4 Multiply Two-Digit Numbers

3 20 minutes of TTM (minimum)

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1 Digital Diary entry on the "J" and "L" character traits. See my webpage for a list of the traits under the "Reading Tab" and a reminder of login on the home page. There is also an example of a digital diary entry on the home page as well.


2 PACE and REGULAR Readers have ONE entry due because I would like them to try to work on the istation app. Some students are still having technical difficulties downloading this free app. If you don't have an iPad at home, then send me an email. Students can use the 15 minutes before we switch classes first thing in the morning to get their homework done.

It is a good practice tailored to each child's needs, so I am not ready to give up on it, yet!

If students log in and click on reading, they should see, "Homework for the week of 12-5." This is their tailored homework.

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1 Three free writes for ten minutes each night. A suggested list of open-ended prompts are on the homework download page. Each entry needs the date at the top. From the list of 3 entries, star one entry that you want to share during writing workshop.

The entries can be a "running list." They do NOT need to be on separate sheets of paper, but if they are, please staple them together. All 3 are due on Friday.

*Parents please look over entries for complete sentences:)

Spelling/Cursive Handwriting

1 Complete Unit 12 worksheet and study words for a spelling test on Friday.

2 Due to popular demand, we are practicing upper and lower case letter "a" in class. Students will be asked to practice the cursive "b" and "c" assessment at home for a completion grade.

What's happening in the classrooms next week-


We've spent the last few days investigation series circuits and parallel circuits. Ask your 4th grader why a whole string of Christmas lights goes out when just one bulb blows!

We all know Santa loves milk and cookies? Which cookie absorbs the most milk and makes him happiest? And should we happen to get snow, we'll want to know what to wrap our snowman in when it warms up...so we can keep him longer! We'll investigate! Please see the link at the top of the page if you can help us with a few supplies.

Many thanks!

Social Studies:

Who is guilty? The Troll or the Goats? Students will defend one or the other and they write a persuasive expository piece applying their knowledge of the Bill of Rights.

Special Thanks to...

Peggy Baker and Melissa Lopez for being our photographers this week. We LOVE the pictures!

Our Classes Need:

Mrs. Wells' Class Needs:

*Clorox wipies...tis the season:)

Mrs. Reim's Class Needs:

Jenga (2)

Whole sheet sticker pages


Mrs. Wells and Mrs. Reim