What's Up?!!

Let’s catch up with our LC on the events in March & April

EARTH Hour = Lights off + glow stick

In conjunction with Earth Hour, AIESEC in UKM has ended successfully on the 19 March 2016. We were mesmerized by the performances brought by Cradle Rock and also Jenn Chia. Did you know that we even have our very own DJ Bryan and DJ Sarviin? Congratulations to the Organizing Committee!



Seminars were held in different colleges on March and April to promote AIESEC and Global Citizen Programme(GCP). YOLO nights were held in both UKM Bangi and KTSN campus. We’ve got a few signups for GCP. YAY!!^^


Guess what? We have new members yo! A drive was conducted to search for short term members(until Sept) for our LC.

Let’s give a warm welcome for the new members into our AIESEC Family ❤


Our annual dinner was held on 27 March 2016 with the theme Beauty and the Geek. (Psst.. We do indeed have a lot of beauties) It’s an appreciation night for all our effort throughout this whole term. It’s a great night to colour our AIESEC memories especially for those who are ending their term. #OnceAnAiesecerAlwaysAnAiesecer

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An induction day was conducted on 27 April 2016 to welcome our new members. It was a great bonding time for all of us. Did you guys had fun?

NEW Executive Board and Management Team for term 16/17(EBMT)

As the old board goes, the new board comes. We now have a new EBMT to start our AIESEC journey this term! Let’s have a closer look at the team, shall we?

LC President: Caxin Ong

MARCOMM Vice President: Lee Yong Kheng

MARCOMM Director: Voon Ju Wen

TM Vice President: Tiffany Tang

TM Director: Kisantiny Suthagar

PM Vice President: Rachel Mahasen

PM Director I: Gary Yap

PM Director II: Chia Kai Swan

PM Director III: Adeline Teh

oCGP Vice President: Cheok Yeow

oCGP Director: Kevin Kek

NCR Vice President: Raynusha Chandran

NCR Director: Sam Wong

oGTP Vice President: Katie Bong

iGTP Vice President: Sarviin Ageelan

FL Vice President: Teow Ching Yee