Martin Luther

Saint or Sinner


Luther was viewed as a saint by the people, not the church. One was he acted as a saint is that he conveyed the idea of freedom of religion. He believed that people should be able to have their own beliefs and they should not be Catholic just because that's what the Pope wants. He also did not agree with the selling of indulgences. He claimed that people were damned for believing in indulgences, even if they were not aware that they were being manipulated. Some people thought that if you bought them and followed everything the Pope said then they will go to heaven instead of hell. Relating to the last point, Luther did not think it was right that the people were being manipulated by the church so he tried to make people see things differently from the way that the church wanted them to see things. For example, he thinks it is vain to rely on an indulgence to forgive your sins. He also thinks that money causes greed and only God can save souls so buying indulgences is not worth it.


Luther did not respect the Pope's power. He believed that the Pope should be able to determine as many things as he already can. For example, he does not believe that the Pope should be able to determine what happens to them due to their sins. Also, the church will dislike him for trying to get people to turn against it. Luther disagrees with many things that the church are doing but that does not stop him from trying to convince people. Luther also disregarded the church and translated the bible into many different languages so that illiterate people and just more people in general could read it and see the false teachings that the church added