Peter and the Starcatchers

by Fiona Verrinder


(Picture to the left is of the actress who played as Molly in the play.) Molly is a 14 year old girl. She has to sail on the Neverland, despite the fact that her dad owns the Wasp. She is independent and stubborn, and she has saved Peter's hide tons of times. She has studied lightly in porpoise language, but she isn't the best, saying she has green teeth when meaning to say hello. She actually fancies Peter, but she does a good job of hiding it.

Character Traits

Helpful - Molly has warned and saved Peter many times. "But then the girl shook her head side to side, barely moving it. It's not dissaproval, Peter thought. She's warning me." Pg 22

Insistent - She sticks by her words. "Peter, you must not go down to that room again. You must not." Pg. 95

Smart - She knows how to speak porpoise. "Molly had studied enough Porpoise to understand the standard greeting." Pg. 88

Stubborn - She sticks by her early words and refuses to change them. " "Yes I can," said Molly, her voice dead calm.

Peter and Alf both looked at her.

"I can scream," she said.

"You wouldn't," Peter said.

"Yes I would." "

Physical Traits

Eyes - Large, wide-set green eyes - pg.19

Hair - Long brown hair that curled slightly and turned to gold at the tips - pg. 19

Frame - Slim - pg. 19

Clean - pg. 19

Party on the Neverland

Sunday, March 7th 1954 at 9pm

on the Neverland

Join a party on everyone's least favorite ship, the Neverland! There will be biscuits and soup with chunks, and a small show put on by the porpoise Ammm and his friends! Come one, come all!