Beach Buddies' Bulletin

February 3-7

Care Center Volunteers

Next Thursday, February 13th, we will be walking across the street to the Care Center. Let me know if you are interested in joining us! We will be gone from about 8:50-10:00.

On the Road Readers

How are your take home "On the Road Reader" packs? I appreciate how frequently these books are read and exchanged. Be sure to let me know if your child needs more difficult books, isn't choosing new books, etc.

RD Readers

Please remember to return your Razzle Dazzle Reader sheet each Monday. This month students earn a "medal" for each returned sheet. Medals are placed in boxes to be drawn for prizes at the end of the month.

Upcoming Days...

Tuesday, February 11th: Class color day - WEAR WHITE

Monday, February 17th: School in session!!!!

Thursday, February 20th: "Read a shirt Day"

Friday, February 21st: Cardinal Colors day

Monday, February 24th: Family Reading Night from 5:00-7:00

Beach Buddies' Blog

Our blog has a new post about our penguin research.

Technology to Share...

I created this website for the kindergartners to have easy access to favorite links. Feel free to use it with learning time at home as well.

Magnetic ABC is a great word making app. Lite version available for free.

Next week...

Next week we will be a busy one with the 100th Day of School, Valentine's Day, and the Care Center. Thanks for your help with these special days. Have a wonderful week!