The Westward Expansion

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Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny is a painting that represented the journey west. The main figure represents an angel lighting the way west for the people in the background. The people in the background are working their west for a new life.
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The Texas Revolution

Settlers moved to Texas because there was great land and agriculture. The battle of the Alamo is was battle that happened in Texas over federalism, slavery, and immigration rights. The battle of San Jacinto was also a battle that was fought in Texas. It was fought over many things and ended with Santa Anna signing a treaty for Texas's independence.

The Mexican-American War

There were many causes of the Mexican-American War. One of the causes was that Texas Wanted freedom and they wanted to bring slaves into Texas. The Mexicans did not like that. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was a treaty that Santa Anna signed after the Mexican-American War. The Gadsden Purchase was when America got a lot of area in the west. It ended up being 25% of all of America. The Bear Flag Revolt was when a group of Americans decided to revolt against the Mexican government.

Steam Boat Capitan

Many people are using steamboats right now. So they can get to California for gold. They go for various reasons, most go so they can get rich. Some people go so they could pay something off.