Make Driving School More Cheaper

Let are are students drive !

Reason why students should drive

Students should drive because it will be less more thing on the parents. If we lower driving school it will be more less accidents because people will be teached by professionals. Also if the city makes the driving school more affordable then it will take 15 percent off the parents insurance

This will better our Students

This will better our community because more people that didn't go to driving scholl will mast likely attend now. Also our young student will be able to drive so they won't be taking the bus anymore. This will even make our students more mature since they will know how to drive " Let our kids drive already so they can leave us alone" said Brandon Coleman in the magazine called "Parents"

Student will learn to be more responible

It will be worth it

We all know driving school in expensive in CT but if we lower the cost it will make it easier or all of us. Not every parent has the time and extra cars to teach their how to drive now a days. Also this will make our future better because they will most likely be excellent drive as they get older. Then they can teach their kids how to drive the right way

Making kids elite drivers

Maybe this is why we have so many accidents per year. Texting while driving , drinks ect, is all bad for driving. Well in driving school they make you take a test on these thing. Such as, drug and alcohol test. I'm not saying this will be the cure to all our driving issues but lowering the price can help in many ways.