Patriot Post

Special Edition - "What If Week"

What is "What if Week?"

"What if Week" is a week of activities centered around positive questions selected by a group of students with a goal of building the Beckman community by sharing ourselves and understanding one another. Questions like: "What if we were united?" "What if you really knew me?" "What if we de-stressed?" and What if we show our true colors?" will be posed. Each day of the week we will host voluntary activities that engage students in considering their response to the question of the day. Beckman will also be hosting a special guest speaker on Thursday.

Monday - "What if we were united?"

Various questions pertaining to campus life and student culture will be posted in multiple locations around campus. Student responses will be written on small strips of paper. Their responses will then be linked together as a visual representation of students thoughts being "united."

Tuesday - "What if you really knew me?"

A large tri-fold display will be setup on campus with blank space for students to place post-it-notes containing thoughts, messages, experiences, or anything else they would like to share with others. Each note will be color coded and be added to the tri-fold to create a large picture.

Wednesday - "What if we destressed?"

A number of fun, "de-stressing" activities will be available for students around campus during "De-stress Fest." During breaks and lunch, students will be able to pop bubble wrap, blow bubbles, color intricate images and listen to music. Giant Jenga, Giant Connect Four, and Giant Operation will also be available for students to play.

Thursday - "What if we let go?"

Guest Speaker on "letting go of things/not holding onto things, but instead learning from them." During lunch, each student who participates in the activity will receive a balloon and write something on the balloon that they would like to "get off their chest." All students will then pop their balloons at the same time.

Friday - "What if we showed our true colors?"

Paint fest! Stations will be setup around campus where students can simply paint freely. This also promotes our upcoming "Dance or Dye" themed dance.