Slow as Molasses

By: Emery

January 1919 The Horrible Wave

This is just in a 15 foot wave of molasses hit Boston,MA. Everyone blames the USIA (United States Industrial Alcohol) but are they culprits or witnesses? Who caused it?


It all started with white sugar being so expense that only rich people could afford it because of that molasses came popular and everyone could afford it. Then after a while the white sugar prices dropped and molasses came less popular. This lead to...... USIA putting the leftover molasses in a tank.

The Truth

People were hearing noises from the tank, everyone was worried. Then one day... everyone heard a noise then boom! A BIG WAVE OF MOLASSES HIT!! As a result of this wave it caused 21 people dead and 150 people injured. The USIA had to pay one million dollars! (seven million today) Well Now we have a answer the USIA was to blame for this tragic wave.
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