This Saturday; Be here for the movie of the century.


This will be the first ever airing of the remake to the movie based on Christopher Paolini's best selling novel.


Saturday, Nov. 9th 2013 at 2-11pm

1250 North Oak Road

Davison, MI

We will be showing the file in the auditorium of the Davison High school. Tickets are $80 for front row seats, $50 for mid row seats and $40 for back row seats. Space is limited so first come first seated.

Those who buy mid row or front row seats will be invited to dinner in the gym. They will be joined by Christopher Paolini, and the main cast of the movie.

2:00 all set up crews must arrive

3:00 crews will be done.

5:00 guests may arrive to get seats.

5:30 VIP guests will be arriving.

7:00 Food will be provided

8:30 Movie will begin.

11:00 Movie will end.