By Maxwell Brenner and owner of Microsoft Bill Gates

History of campany

This company was small like they started with having a very hard goal of some day beating apple but as you probably know apple won this competition. But it started to make its way up the path of technology and know they have a surface pro 4 and it is like a iPad and a computer he than dies in 2015. His company is still going on and they are consistently developing.

Progression of company

My company created computers and made billions from that but there company bought an investment of one of apples computers and they than made a computer with one of apples but better and they created there own computer with a different chip inside of it. People are still using the chip but it upgraded and now it is better.

Impact on society

Microsoft made the world different back than because know apple is taking over Microsoft made computers world wide and they made it huge and know they are worth $82 billion.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is the owner of Microsoft and he is also worth $82.4 billion and is the richest man in the world.
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This is a picture of Bill Gates the man that is worth over $82 Billion and the founder of Microsoft he was born in 1955 and died on 2015
Microsoft Surface Book Commercial 2016 Tim Flach
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