Ms. Frehner's Weekly Announcements

September 9, 2013

This Week's Standards

This week in math we will be working on standard 4.NBT.2, which focuses on place value. Students will...
  1. ...gain an understanding that digits can have different values dependent upon their place in a number.
  2. able to express a number in standard form, expanded form, and written form.
  3. whole numbers through the thousands using >, <, and = symbols.

ELA (English Language Arts)

This week in ELA we will be working on standards RL.4.1 and RI.4.1, which focus on referring to details and examples in fiction and nonfiction texts. Students will...

  1. both fiction and nonfiction texts in class.
  2. ...write list poems in class.

Work Samples

See the calendar below for this week's work samples.

This Week's Announcements

Remember, you must be completing lessons in EVERY subject in order to be marked present.

Field Trip
Our first field trip this year will be to the Springs Preserve. See this week's calendar above for more information.

Should be completed. If you have not completed both the math and language arts PLAs, do them now.

Ms. Frehner's Contact Information

K-Mail: Heather Frehner
Phone: (702) 407-1825 x7055