Mrs. Faccio's 1st Grade Newsletter

March 18, 2016

What's Up in the Classroom?

Math - We spent the whole week working on fast facts (subtraction through 10) and telling time to the hour and half hour. When we return from break, we will start working on 2D shapes.

Writing - We are done with our informational writing unit. Students are doing their final assessment today and will be bringing home all of their old pieces of writing. Our next unit of study is writing reviews. We are asking that students bring in collections of items. We will use these collections to build on your child’s interests and teach them how to use writing to form, convey, and support their opinions. The collections will be housed at school for an extended amount of time. Please have your child’s collection to school by March 30. If your child has a collection of something that is valuable/breakable or large, you may choose to send photographs of each item instead. Another option is to use index cards to record a collection of favorite movies, toys, etc.

Reading - Listening comprehension was the "big idea" this week. We read both fiction and non-fiction texts and answered a variety of questions using both pictures and words. Students also had to infer/draw conclusions about certain aspects of the text.

Spelling - Students will have a new spelling list after break. If you notice that your child is not doing well on their spelling test, please practice their sort with them. Or, remind them to practice their words on Spelling City.

Science - Students were introduced to nutrition this week through the story of Little D's Nutrition Expedition. It is based on the five food groups and is a nutrition education program. So far, they were introduced to the characters (food groups) and got to know the milk group and what it does for their body (strong bones and teeth). After break, we will learn more about the meat group and how it helps their bodies.

St. Patrick's Day

My worst nightmare came true.... The leprechauns got our classroom! The kids were so conscientious the day before and left traps to catch him but.... he got away! Maybe we'll have better luck next year!

The Traps....

The Aftermath....

Happy Spring Break ~ See you March 29th!!