Personality Type: True Color Blue

Olivia Kopaniasz

Overview of My Color

People with blue personalities are enthusiastic and sympathetic, looking for a true meaning in life. They are warm and passionate and feel a need to encourage others and contribute to work. Blue personalities are sincere, value integrity, and are excellent nurturers. These characteristics apply to me because I like to encourage others to do their best and put effort into my work. One of the things I value most is my relationships with my family and friends.

Childhood and Relationships

Blue personalities tended to be extremely imaginative and found it difficult to fit into the structure of school life as children. As a child, I valued encouragement from others. I did not want to be competitive or see life as a competition. In relationships, blue personalities seek harmony. They are true romantics and believe in drama, warmth, and empathy in all their relationships. My relationships with other people are very important to me.


People with blue personalities have a strong desire to influence others in hopes that they may lead more significant lives and enjoy interacting with others. They often work in the arts, communication, education, and helping professions. I really enjoy art and taking art classes. I am an active dancer and enjoy assisting my dance teachers in helping younger students learn how to dance.

Leadership Styles

Blue personalities expect others to express views and they assume "family spirits". They have a democratic, unstructured approach to topics and encourage and welcome change. They believe that changing time allows for a sense of security. These properties apply to me and my personality because I like to take charge and be the leader in the group. I also expect others to develop their potential.

Symptoms of a Bad Day

When someone with a blue personality is having a bad day, they tend to day-dream or go into a trance. They tend to cry, yell or scream, and be depressed. When I am having a bad day, I tend to get pretty irritated. I just don't really want to talk to anyone, which can sometimes make me feel depressed. If I am having a bad day at school, I tend to day-dream and go off into my own world.

Thoughts About My Color

The three characteristics that fit my color best are being sympathetic, sincere, and imaginative. Three characteristics that did not fit my personality were being very personal, communicative, and assuming "family spirit". I believe the type of job that fits this is someone who works with others, like a doctor or a dentist. My color might affect me at work because it will help me work with others and take care of others. Some negative things about this job is that I may be over controlling or can become irritated.