Arethra Franklin

By: Nick Noya and Abby West

Early Life

Aretha grew up in Detroit's north end in a very wealthy family. She never knew how to sight read but she did take piano lessons. Her father was a minister but by the age of 10 her mother had passed.


One of the main reasons Aretha was influenced was her father, who was a minister. Also her family is Christian. Lastly Morris Broadnax worked as her personal assistant for a period of time.

Time Period

Aretha was born in 1943 and is 72 years old. In her teens she recorded a gospel album. When she recorded the album it was during the cold war. A lot of her songs brought joy and happiness during the cold hard times.

Their Music

Aretha is a very talented singer who sings gospel. Aretha said her dad used to coach her in singing. She brought gospel `a whole `new level with her 20 number one billboard R&B singles. Also Aretha is known for being queen of soul.

Intersting Facts

  • Won eighteen Grammy awards
  • Preformed the song "I Dreamed A Dream' at Bill Clintons 1993 presidential inauguration
  • By age sixteen Aretha hade two children and dropped out of high school
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