What's Up Wednesday

Chloe + Isabel by Split Pea Jewelry, May 4th

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Oh, it's happening - book a pop up for FREE bling from me!

I've got some major milestones to reach this month. So, here's the deal. For every person who books with me before May 18th, I'm going to give away a FREE statement necklace from the new Amalfi Coast collection. This is easily valued at $150. Yep, you read that right. Not only will you receive $50 in credit for every $200 in sales, free hoop earrings at $600, access to a hostess only collection at $800 and the May hostess set for reaching $1,000 in sales ... but I'm going to give away your favorite statement. (Pop up must reach $600 in sales.)
This is a full collection, so you'll have your choice of probably 6-7 statement pieces. Not into Chloe necklaces, I'm happy to compromise on a set of statement earrings and matching bracelet, or perhaps even our fantastic new wrap watch set. Reach out soon - I'm trying to book at least 2 in-home pop ups and 1 online pop up before May 18th!!

SOAR and Mom's Weekend Away

Ever since my solitary trip to Alaska last year, and then Nashville this spring, I've caught the traveling bug. While I love my family more than life, a mommy needs time to regroup and rediscover her peace.
I find myself yearning for moments where I can sit on a bench and not worry about time. Taking a nap because I'm tired. Seeing a different part of the world and knowing that I will be a better person because I've discovered something new.
I have a friend heading off for 10-days of bliss on Kawai tomorrow. She is way overdue for a little mommy alone time and I'm so happy she's taking it! I have another friend who is so over-taxed that I'm afraid she's going to drop from a stroke before getting the opportunity to run away from home! We must value our time and take care of ourselves - for what good are we when we don't?
I'm off to Orlando a week from Thursday, right after the launch (hopefully with some new bling in hand!) I'm meeting up with my good merchie friends who have been with me from the beginning of my Chloe + Isabel business. Amanda, our team leader, is a single mom in San Jose, CA with 3 small kids. Katie is a mom of 3 boys in Vancouver WA and Clara is the mom of 2 college kids in San Clemente CA. Katie and Clara started the same time as I did, and have decided to take on teams of their own, but they will always be a part of our #candicrusher team. I feel a bit like we are the core group and I am happy to be able to say I have personally met each of them and have found friendships reaching far beyond anything I'd imagined possible from a group of business women. We picked up a few newer crushers for our trip to SOAR and we're all rooming just like we've known each other forever. In fact, many of the people I look forward to meeting at SOAR I've known and talked to for the past 18-months. They are faces I'm familiar with on Facebook or Instagram ... Kyle, Chantel, Wendy, Val, Gina, Erin, Jensine, Stefani ... and so many others ... we all know each other by faces and names and I can't wait to meet them all!! What an unbelievable experience.
Thank you to every one of you who gave me the support I needed to make this business grow. Wait until you see me making moves when I return from Florida!

Catalogs arriving today!

Do you want me to mail you a new catalog and wish list? Email or text me asap and I will pop one in the mail by Thursday. Spend the weekend making out your list and sharing the catalog with your friends and family - perhaps get them interested in shopping or popping up and get items off your wishlist for FREE. Do you live in the south end? I'm happy to drop a catalog off to you asap.
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Bummed that our birthstone rings didn't come in your size? Now introducing size 9! Pick up a set for your mom to wear on her digits or on her favorite pendant necklace (shown here with the Pave Bar Long Necklace $42).

40% of sales to your charity of choice!

I'm looking for 2 worthy causes for the month of May. I will provide a pack of catalogs, order forms, and various other materials for you to raise money for your favorite charity. I will give 40% of all sales back to your charity! We can shop the entire catalog or offer a more limited, and easier to track, charity necklaces option.
It need not be a big organization. Does your co-op need fundraising? A go-fund me account for your student's big trip or a family in need? Little league fundraiser?
Contact me for details!
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Daisy's Pop Up Shop

One last thing before I go ... my "Harry Potter obsessed" daughter Daisy is graduating high school in 22 days. She is my preemie kiddo and has worked really hard through 12 years of special education to earn her certificate and move onto Highline College in the fall. Her 1 wish was to take a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Hollywood CA. So we're off on June 30th!! Our little road trip is going to take us through Oregon, Northern CA coastline and finally to Hollywood, Universal Studios for a full 2 days.
Daisy is trying to earn money to take with her to blow at all the shops on Diagon Alley, have herself a belly full of Butter Beer, nosh on some chocolate frogs and purchase her very own wand. I've set up a Pop Up to help her earn 40% of all sales to go towards her trip.
If you aren't hosting a pop up this month, and you want to help her have the most delicious time at Universal Studios, consider purchasing from her Pop Up shop.