Fourth Grade Rats

By Jerry Spinelli

chapter 1

In chacter 1 Suds the mane carector is finaly a forth grade rat. He is not a first grade babby or a a secent grade cat he is not a third grade angel but a forth grade rat. At the first rcess of the school year a mob of thered graders had Joey andsuds trapped and suds fell off the minky bars.

chapter 2

In chactor 2 Suds meets his old teacher and he gets a big hug frome her. He gets a littel enbarresd. He said to him self you can never exscape one of her hugs. A littel befor that Joey tezes suds about his lunch box.

chapter 3

In chapter 3 Suds and Joey kicked 2 kids off of 2 diffrent tire swings then the kids ran away criying then Suds felt bad. Layder in the chapter Joey broght back a memory of the forth of july.

chapter 4

in chapcter 4 Suds is at the dinner table. His sister and his brother are making fun of him They start to say rat rat becaues at there school that is what the forth gradders are called.He got permoted to forth grade.


In Chapter 5 Suds mom get rilly mad at him and after. Joey saids say no to youre mom. T hen Suds goes out side to talk to his dad he asked him some quation those quations wher do you still lift youre wates one more quation is did you have a lunch box when you where in forth grade one more is did the lunch box have anything on it.
That is all I am going to shair with you. It is only half of the book but I whant you to read it by yourself. Hope you like it.