Stanley Milgram

By: Katelyn Wilson

What he did

He was a social psychologist who conducted studies on obedience to authority. He did his studies at Yale in 1961-1962. He discovered that 65% of the people he tested were willing to give painful shocks out simply because they were told to. Although they were acting like they were shocked in the moment it seemed very real.

Stanley Milgram Information

How do their research affected the time period they lived?

He only did his study on girls so they never tested if they would get the same results for girls. The holocaust was going on so that influenced him to do the study with males he was Jewish so he didn't understand how people could do that. The people that were doing the study volunteered to do it and they were getting paid which may have changed the results.
Stanley Milgram Obedience Experiment (May, 1962)

People doing the experiment

40 people did the experiment and they all gave out shocks but only 65% of them continued the shocks up to 450 volts.