Resources for Teachers

Finding Internet Resources for the Classroom

Professional Development

Below are items that can help you in your classroom! We will go through each during the Learning Community time.

Something to get you going...

SlamNation: Taylor Mali - "What Teachers Make"


Edpuzzle is a great tool in which educators can now crop videos, add audio, and ask questions to their students. Check it out!

Imagine K12 EDpuzzle
And check it out here!

Now check out this edpuzzle in action!

Project Based Learning? Look Here!

Lesson 1 - Scratch Basics


scratch is a great tool to incorporate and collaborate between content areas, especially literature and math courses!

Middle School? Check this out!

Got Games?

Is all your students are thinking about is gaming? Learn how to incorporate them and their interests!

And to drive it home...

Why Teach?