Overpopulation in India

Effects on resources By: Saurav Pandey, Christopher Yeh

Introduction to Overpopulation in India

Our topic is about Overpopulation in India, and it's effects on resources. We have chosen this topic because it's come of great interest to us. The population in India is becoming more and more of a problem. 70 - 80 years ago, China's population was two times more than India's. Now, India is expected to take over China by 2022. The more people you have in an area, the more resources that will be needed to run a government with with all those people. More people means, more houses, more fossil fuels, more buildings, and more opportunity for jobs. It's hard for India's government to keep up with it's people.

Evidence of this being a problem

India's population has been growing rapidly in the past 10 - 15 years. As the population gets bigger, the resources to supply everyone won't be enough. There are already huge signs of problems with resources in India. There would be barely enough to supply much of the population for everything they need since everything is much cheaper in India. But a lot of that 40% doesn't have enough money to supply themselves. Statistics also show that about 25% of the population in India live in houses with other families because they're not able to get their own house. This is evidence of there being a lack of resources in India. There is also been evidence of high amounts of fossil fuels, plastics, and harmful pollutants being consumed in India. This would obviously be because of the high amount of people in the country using up the resources.
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Causes of Overpopulation

One major cause of overpopulation in India is the uneven balance of birth-rate and death-rate. It causes the population to rise instead of keeping it steady. Another reason id that many people don´t have proper education so there income comes from manual labor. With more numbers, it means more workers. More workers is more income for standard needs such as food and water. On average, 2 people have about 5 children. This causes the population to increase by a large amount. The Indian government is not doing anything about the huge increase in birth rate that's causing the population to explode. In China, they're government has a 1 child law. This law is making the population become a little less. But in India, they're not doing anything which is causing the population to get much bigger. In the graph above, it shows that India will be well ahead of China in population by the 22nd century.
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Our opinions for Overpopulation in India

In our opinion, we think that overpopulation is scary. Just because there are too many people causes so many devastating things. From illiterate minds to lack of clean water, it is just so unbelievable. We feel so bad for the people that are affected by this dilemma and we want to help them get the future they deserve. All humans deserve to live with basic needs and all human deserve a chance at an education. We also feel very fortunate that we have what we have. Many of us want to get out of school or want a 40 inch plasma screen TV, but many in India can't even imagine getting those things. To them it is like a hopeless dream. We are just so fortunate to have all of our luxuries.
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Data for Overpopulation in India

According to studies 48% of the adult population is illiterate. 53% of the children under 5 are malnourished. 71% of the population have no access to sanitation. 37% have no access to safe water and about 40% the population live on 1.25$ a day. This is a huge problem for India. There are so many people who don't live in appropriate conditions for a good life.
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Effects of Overpopulation

Because of the large amount of overpopulation, there are many effects in what happens to India. One major effect is there is a large increase in the amount of poor people there are since more people means more competition for different jobs. Another huge problem would be organization. The Indian government has a huge job to do of organizing everything for the people. They need more of everything since there are so many people. They also need to make sure the there a balanced income for the so many people that live in India and that there are enough jobs for everyone. They may actually need to create new types of jobs because so many people are too poor, homeless, and jobless. Even when they supply everyone with jobs and resources, there are a ton of harmful pollutants like fossil fuels coming in high amounts from India. India is a poor country so they often need to find cheap ways of doing many things. That's why they use so many fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are a cheap and reliable way of providing energy to the country. Because of the overwhelming amount of work the Indian government has, India is still working on trying to control the country. They're still far away from accomplishing this. Their job is only going to get tougher from here. Also, because they're spending so much time on controlling the population, they don't have an opportunity to improve in anything else such as advances in technology.

What is Being Done About the Overpopulation

The overpopulation has caught the eye of the Indian government. With the government also helping with the resolution of overpopulation the word of this dilemma is being spread around. Here are some thing that are being done:

1.) Public awareness of the dilemma is being spread to more uneducated society.

2.) Since Indian traditions wish for men because of their higher rank, the government is raising the status and ranks of women in India.

3.) Health care and public education is striving to be available to everyone, especially to those who are in poverty.

4.) Families are being educated about the fertility rates and their role in resolving overpopulation.

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What Can You Do to Help this Problem

You might be thinking to yourself, wow this is terrible. I want to help these people in there time of need, but what can I do? Well all can do one thing : public awareness. Just spread the word about this crisis and you have done something to help. You can also go to the links below to donate and support the resolution of this dilemma.
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