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Registration Reminder: Starts MONDAY!

1) Pick a Date: Current Families Choose from 4/11-4/15

* New Families - to be announced

2) Location: LEISD CCP Office

3) Time: Drop In

4) Fill Out: Registration Agreement Form

5) Sign: Payroll deduction spread sheet

6) Completed: enrollment for 2016-2017...done!

Hip Hip Hooray - April 15 is Double P Day - Pajamas and Popcorn!

Every child is invited to wear their favorite pair of pajamas and bring their favorite book. We will set aside time for books and popcorn.

We wanted to let you relax next Friday morning and save the "it's time to get dressed" routine for Monday....after all...both registration and taxes will be complete!

Hard Joys and Energy Zones from Childcare Information Exchange/August 25, 2014

In her Exchange article, "Hard Joys: Behavior with a Creative Mind and a Playful Spirit," which serves as the basis for the Exhange Out of the Box Training Kit by the same name, Lilli-ann Buffin explores ways to support children experiencing difficulties. One example...

"Sometimes a child's difficulties will be expressed in a physical release of tension. There are those children who spit, bite, yell, or want to. Others will hit, slap, pinch, or want to. And yet others will run, stomp, kick, or want to. Claudia Jewett has described these as 'energy zones.' Recognizing a child's energy zone opens the door to creative problem solving by redirecting the energy but continuing to use the child's preferred 'zone.'

"If you allow your mind to wander through the energy zones, a lot of creative, even fun, soluti ons begin to emerge. Instead of getting into a battle of words with a child whose energy zone is in her mouth, why not say, 'You have a lot of energy in your mouth right now. Try chomping on a carrot (or sipping water through a straw, or singing into the tape recorder . . . ) to get it under control. Then we can calmly find a solution to this problem.' The child who has so much energy in his legs and feet that he cannot rest might respond to a furry strip at the bottom of his cot on which he can rub his bare toes. The child whose hands are getting him into trouble could stop and fold some washcloths. Giving children time and a task to get their emotional energy under control can be more positive and meaningful than time out alone. It also gives the child insight about her energy zone and ideas for gaining control when you are not present."