CCNG Magnet Program

The Professional Peer Network for Contact Center Leaders

Join Us!

The CCNG Magnet Program is an exclusive Professional Peer Network (PPN) for contact center executives and leaders. It’s a unique extension of the CCNG mission to connect colleagues throughout the industry and spread success. Through the Magnet Program you’re part of an executive network that shares best practice insights and experience with peers from top contact center organizations throughout the industry.

  • Build and expand your network of valuable professional relationships with contact center leaders and award-winning organizations throughout the industry.
  • Leverage the knowledge of an industry-wide network of experts and peers.
  • Showcase top performing people and programs to build industry recognition and support operational excellence within your organization.
  • Explore new ideas. Build more effective programs, raise performance, and reduce risk throughout your organization.

This is how good contact center organizations continue to get better.

For information on how to participate please contact Lon Hendrickson, Executive Director, CCNG Magnet Program,, 719-505-8389.