Save The Orangutans!

By: Siena R., Elijiah Payne, and David Corbi


The orangutans are large, long-haired, red apes. The male orangutans are heavier than female orangutans. They prefer to eat fruits just before ripening, including the spiny-skinned, pulpy, aromatic drains. They live in forests. The forests are in Borneo and Sumatra.


There are only a little amount of orangutans left. There is now an estimate of 12,000-15,000 wild orangutans in Borneo, and 4,000-6,000 in Sumatra. The orangutans are threatened because their habitats are decreasing. We can help by being aware which trees we take down and make new ones because some orangutans live in trees.

Fun Facts!

  • Did you know that male orangutans have an air sac located on their throats?

  • Did you know that male orangutans use their air sac to make a screech called "The Long Call"?

  • Did you know that "The Long Call" can be heard from a kilometer, or 0.6 miles, away?

About Us:

This article was made by Siena R., Elijah Payne, and David Corbi. We go to John F. Deering Middle School and we are in 5th grade.