Notre Dame High School

Mission Prayer

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Lord God we believe You have given Notre Dame a mission to Catholic school ministry in the Diocese of San Bernardino to prepare students for college in the finest Catholic tradition, grounded in the faith of Our Lady in Jesus Christ, your Son, active like her in seeking wisdom, and engaged like her in building community. We are thankful for the students that have been entrusted to our care and we ask You to continue the good work You have begun and sustained here for nearly 60 years. Some of us sow, others water, but You give the growth. Your Holy Spirit makes students and faculty here cor unum et anima una - one heart and one soul. Help our incoming freshmen to seize this opportunity and build on the memorable legacy of numerous Notre Dame alumni who are making an positive impact in so many fields of endeavor. With our Lady we ask this through the same Christ our Lord who with the Holy Spirit lives and reigns with You, One God, for ever and ever.


Written by Father Paul Schmidt, S.V.D, Chaplain of Notre Dame High School