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"This Will Revolutionize Education"

Not what you might expect!
This Will Revolutionize Education

Skype with Linda Mullaly Hunt: Look Who Stopped By!

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Great new ideas for classroom furniture and tools!

Check out the whiteboards at 3:28. Love this!
4CLE Project

Check out Country Reports, a database for all your country research projects!

From in school, no login needed. From home: sedgwick, sedgwick.

Get the link from the library website!

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Remind your students about Hour of Code!

Thursday, Dec. 11th, 3pm

Sedgwick Middle School Library

Students are invited to the library's Hour of Code workshop on Thursday, December 11, from 3-4. Come learn how to write computer code using fun online modules featuring AngryBirds or Frozen characters. See for more info.