Teacher Newsletter

January 18, 2016

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Upcoming Events

January 19- Parent Meeting 8:30

January 19- SPECIAL EDUCATION TRAINING ( data times)

January 20- ACIP Review

January 25- 100th Day of School

January 25- Progress Reports Due

January 25- SwAT Program (PE) 4th and 5th

February 2 - Picture Day

February 8-12 - Mardi Gras Holidays

Huge thanks to everyone for doing your part to make Leadership Alabama's visit a huge success! You are awesome :O)

Dsylexia Video

Dr. Bice asks that everyone in the state view the attached video on Dyslexia.


Behavior Plan

Daily Behavior Folder

Teachers should record daily behavior in a take home folder. Parents should sign/initial the folder each night. Grade levels can choose to make weekly or monthly behavior calendars. At the end of the established period (week or month), the calendar should be removed from the daily former and filed in the students’ red folders. School-wide daily conduct grades should be assigned as follows:

E-Excellent S-Satisfactory N-Needs Improvement U-Unsatisfactory

Red Folders

  • Every student should have a red folder.

  • Red folders should be filed with cum folders at the end of each year.

  • Discipline referrals, letters home, daily behavior calendars, quarterly contact logs, and refocus and/or suspension paperwork from the office must be filed in the folder.

Office Referrals

All students referred to the office for any type of inappropriate behavior, must be sent with a Discipline Referral in the student’s red folder. (Copy in Forms Section) This misconduct includes those behaviors which disrupt the orderly educational process in the classroom, the hall, the cafeteria, and/or school grounds. In each case, the seriousness of the offense, the academic placement, attitude and age of the student, the pattern of misconduct, and the degree of cooperation will be considered. The process is intended to be instructional and corrective, not punitive.

  1. Student Behavior must be documented before a student can be sent to the office. Make sure that you have shown evidence that parent contact has been made prior to office referral. Contacts should be indicated on students’ Parent Contact Log:

    1. Notes home to parent

    2. Phone calls to parent

    3. Teacher/parent conferences

  2. Students must come to the office with red folder and the incident must be recorded on Discipline Referral Form.

  3. If a student comes to the office without the red folder and office referral, he/she will be sent back to the classroom.

  4. The above steps may be skipped if the offense warrants (such as fighting). However, the red folder must be sent to the office soon after.


Make sure that you are using DOJO. Grade level bulletin boards are not being updated as they should, I see that points are not being used in some classes when I check data, and I have seen daily behavior folders that are not measuring behavior using E, S, N, and U. This is a school-wide initiative. Please make sure that you are using DOJO as discussed at the beginning of this year.

Let's FOCUS!

This period after the holidays is a very important time. ACT Aspire will be here before we know it. Instruction needs to be purposeful, solid, and focused! Please be sure that you are following plans and teaching with a sense of urgency every day. We do not have a minute to waste. K-2, you may not be testing grades, but what you do matters tremendously. You are building the foundation. Gaps in learning need to be closed! Together we can do this. Make sure that you are doing your part EVERY DAY!