What's Inside a Computer?

What's on a Motherboard?

The CPU:

CPU stands for Central Processing Unit. It processes instructions that it gathers from translating the code in programs and other files!

The CPU Fan (cooler)

The CPU fan (cooler) is a fan that is inside a computer. It is used for active cooling and expels warm air from inside the computer or moves it to a heat sink.


The RAM is a data storage for your computer. It stands for Random-Access Memory. It is one of the most common types of memory which you find in devices like computers and printers.

Northbridge & Southbridge

The Northbridge (also known as the host bridge) is one of the two chips on a PC motherboard. It is connected to the CPU, unlike the Southbridge. The Northbridge communicates with the CPU using FSB (front-side bus).

The Southbridge is a chip which connects the Northbridge to networks, hard drives, USBs and other components inside a computer. It sends data to the CPU and receives data as well.

VGA port

The Video-Graphics Array port (VGA), also known as the VGA connector, is a socket found on a Windows-based laptop or PC.

DVI Port

The Digital Visual Interface (DVI Port) allows you watch digital videos on your monitor. An interface turns coding into a visual display that we can see. Like a translator can translate a unfamiliar language into a language you know!

USB (Unversal Serial Bus)

The USB (Universal Serial Bus) transports data from one device to the other. The USB cable is a cable that is plugged into your computer and into a nother device to transport data like music, pictures, videos and files!

NIC (Network Interface Card)

The NIC (Network Interface Card) is a circuit board or card that is installed in a computer so that it can be connected to a network.

Audio Jacks

An Audio Jack is the plug you put in your computer to activate your head phones/ear phones to listen to a video or music or anything without others listening!

AGP Slot

An AGP slot (Accelerated Graphics Port) is a type of expansion slot designed for graphics cards. What are graphics cards? Graphics cards are printed circuit boards that control the output to a display screen. Click here for more information! The AGP slot makes computing more efficient.
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