Hot Shot Times Fun and Charity

Bi-weekly magazine

We are living in a time where we are in a constant rush, constantly barreling forward just to keep ahead. When something fun comes along we seem to be drawn to it like a powerful magnet, whether we are 18 or 80 we all want to bring more fun and laughter back into our lives. We are all living through an age of extreme stress, our workloads are excessive but unfortunately this is now the norm and not the exception. We have come to accept our over stressed existence and our excessive workload as interchangeable words for where we once used the word life. What little spare time we find during our day we dream of filling it with fun and relaxation. However, there is an inner consciousness within all of us which thinks beyond our own pleasures. We see other living entities, whether it is a family struggling through the sickness of a child or a puppy beaten and discarded, our hearts cry out for them. A charity fills our hearts and we place aside our own dreams. We want to correct the suffering and the injustice we see as we scan the world around us. To be able to stop the suffering for even one person or one animal would indeed be an act of great charity. Fun and charity are two words generally seen at diametrically opposite ends. However, Hot Shot Times is bringing both of these words FUN and CHARITY into the centre.

Hot Shot Times is a new bi-weekly magazine that caters to communities within British Columbia. It is available in print as well as online at It blends fun with charity, as well as giving informative information on a wide range of topic.

As you scan its pages you’ll see that Hot Shot Times has a wonderful assortment of several items to keep you informed and amused. It has articles, puzzles, riddles, contests and jokes that will make you laugh. It also has information about community events and the history of the area you live in. To top it all, it has contests and fabulous prizes which make the entire experience totally worthwhile. You’ll find it informative, interesting and fun as you leaf through the magazine. It’s a wonderful magazine to curl up with at the end of the day.

Through Hot Shot Times you will learn about local businesses and the people who operate those business. Hot Shot Times is a free magazine and its existence is possible only because of the advertisement dollars paid by these businesses. Your support to these local businesses doesn't only help you have this free magazine and all the information, prizes and enjoyment you will get from reading it, but it also helps you participate in a community charity. This is because a part of each advertising dollar is donated to a local charity that works towards social good.

Isn't it a marvelous combination – fun and charity sewn seamlessly into a single magazine, ‘Hot Shot Times.’ So go ahead, view our soft copy issues by clicking on, or support your community by shopping from local businesses but above all have some Hot Shot fun by opening and reading our current issue of Hot Shot Times. As you support your local shop owners you will be simultaneously helping your community to become a better place to live in.