Driving Age

Should be 16

What age should you drive at?

I think you should be able to drive at the age of 16. Why i think this is because Most people at 16 do not want to be home and have there parents drive then around. If you are going on a date and your mom has to drive you to the place you are going ins not very conferrable in the car with your parents when you are on a date. This is why i think you should be 16.

4 Facts

Teenagers who have to depend on others for rides can miss out on social and work opportunities. In addition, they can be placed at risk if they are catching rides with peers who do have drivers licenses but maybe not much driving experience.Girls may accept date invitations with boys they really are not interested in, just so they can get to the new skate rink or movie theater. Allowing teens to drive provides them with independence and the ability to have more control over where they go, with whom and for how long.
Report on Teen Driving | Channel One News | 9/15/16