App Stores

Comparing Google Play and iTunes

What stores distribute most?

The iTunes App store merely focuses on games and newsstand, while Google Play focuses more on four categories which are music, books, magazine, movies and TV.

The difference in app prices

Google Play spends $18.99 on one app, while, iTunes lets you spend up to $999.99 on a single app.

The visual layouts on mobile and online

Online, iTunes has a dull and boring white page with tons of apps listed. On Google Play, you can see everything they have all over the page, making the page pop out in tons of different interesting categories.
If you view iTunes layout on mobile, you see all the cool and amazing apps iTunes has to offer, however, Google Play's layout is the same as the online site but you would have to zoom to see the letters and names.

Easier access?

When viewing both online app stores, in my opinion, I think they both access good in there own ways. iTunes, for example, has separate columns for everything and neatly organized for such a dull white page of display. iTunes is categorized and set up nicely for you to get to where you want to go. Once you get on the site, all you got to do is search through the list and click, if not, then go up to the little black box in the corner and type in what you want. It may be a little hard to find since it is oh so tiny. iTunes also has tabs for those who want to find stuff quicker. It breaks down the homepage just in case you don't want to keep scrolling down the list of stuff iTunes has to offer online.

On the other hand, Google Play's view online has tons of color and is attractive to the eyes of many people but even though you have featured lists to find some of the stuff, there are tabs as well at the top, making items easier to find on the homepage.

App availability?

My favorite app is Sketch Mobile X, "X" stands for express. Sketch Mobile X is a great sketching app that could be used almost by everyone but toddlers and infants. The app lets you be creative and turn someone who doesn't have any drawing talent, into someone who could have talent and make them feel like a true artist. It has a color wheel and allows minimum of three layout sheets.

Bugs in apps & approval process?

For submitting in apps to either iTunes or Google Play, they both go through separate steps in submitting an app. They both have to go through submitting into a support team to check out the app and features maybe fix some bugs on it too, however, some of the apps that Google Play has, they don't exactly fix the bugs and causes problems to the person's phone.