By Amanda Kohlmeyer


A bank robber was going to rob a bank in Madrid, Spain, but he took a short cut threw a dark, and scary place. After going miles threw this place he fell and black out. When he woke up he found a koala bear stuck in tree looking at him. He ran because he was scared. The koala bear was screeching and it sounded like he was saying help me. The bank robber looked back the koala bear was staring at him. a few seconds later he turned around and helped the koala bear down. It was daylight so he could not rob the bank. So the koala bear and the bank robber went home and lived happy together.





My Bio

I am a 17 year old girl from Hawkeye, Iowa. I have lived there all my life in the same house. I have four dogs, plus my sisters dog. I have three at my house and two dogs out on a friends farm. I have one sister, she is 22. I have a boyfriend that I have been dating for 2 and half years.