The Body Finder

By Kimberly Derting

Made by Evie Larson-Van Egeren

Violet has a special gift; that gift is she can sense dead bodies. There have been many missing girls in her area. Can Violet find the murderer with her "gift" or will he keep his act up. Click the button for the summary.


The theme of The Body Finder is that if you do something bad, someone will find out. The examples in my story is when Violets friend Grady tries to kiss Violet when he's drunk and Jay, Violets best friend, sees Grady and stops the kiss.

Dialogue In The Body Finder

This dialogue in the book is creating a conflict in the story. Violet went to the school dance with Jay and the murderer was planning on going. He was at the dance and Jay didn't want Violet to go anywhere by herself just in case he could be there. Violet and her friends go to the bathroom, but end up leaving Violet in there by herself when she is taking too long. Could the murderer be at the dance to get Violet or just to have fun?