April Newsletter

Mr. Zimmerman's Room


Even though several days this month included the PSSAs, 4th graders were not just taking tests. There were many memorable events this past month. We went on two field trips, had numerous presenters, and continued to learn some wonderful and new things in science. Check out what happened this month in room 131!

PA Game Commission Presentation

On April 13th, Bert Myers from the PA Game Commission came to 4th grade to give a presentation about mammals. He taught the classes about adaptations needed to survive in our state. Also, he talked about some of the dangers that face the wildlife in our society and how we can help to preserve them.

Conservation District Presentation

Sallie Gregory came to 4th grade on April 18th and 19th to present on the topics of wetlands and biodiversity. She simulated the way populations of plants and animals affect each other in the wild. Also, she taught the students about how invasive species (like the stink bug) can have a huge impact on our environment.

PA Dutch Food

Mr. Ardinger, the CV Catering Director, taught our 4th graders how to make PA Dutch food, taught them some Dutch, and also discussed the culture. He had a food presentation of potato soup, chow-chow, and apple butter. The students watched him cook the food live and also tasted samples. They enjoyed trying foods that represent the history of Lancaster County.

Simple Machine Day

Wow! How can I describe this science-packed day? I partnered with students from Lancaster Bible College to create hands-on lessons relating to the 6 simple machines: lever, pulley, screw, wheel/axle, wedge, and inclined plane. The students rotated through different stations throughout the day and experimented with each simple machine. They were building, designing, and engineering all day long! The joy on their faces was so contagious. Ask your child what their favorite station was during the day!

OM Assembly

During the past two month, our Fritz OM teams competed at the regional competition. 3 of the teams went to the state competition to compete. Mrs. Gerber and I are both coaches for this program. We held a school-wide assembly for the students to see the performances of the teams.

Stuart Gibbs: Author Visit

Ever hear of Space Case or Belly Up? The author of these books visited our school and 4th grade was lucky enough to meet him. He shared the background behind many of his books and the process he goes through to write these books. There was a question and answer session where the students could ask some burning questions that were on their mind!

Ephrata Cloister Field Trip

Today our class went on a rainy and quite chilly field trip to the Ephrata Cloister. The students were able to learn about life during the 1700s in colonial times. They were writing with quill pens, attending an old-fashioned school, building things with the cooper, visiting the homes, learning about colonial medicine (scary stuff!), and seeing how they made paper. Despite the rain, the students were having a great time and learned so much about colonial life!

About Mr. Z

In April, I embarked on a new endeavor: baking and decorating a wedding cake! It was a fun, yet time consuming experience. The final product made it all worth it. I also spent some quality time with family and friends. I was about to celebrate my grandparent's 72nd wedding anniversary, too. It was a great month!