extra information on how to succede at this


You must be 35 years of age but you might want to hold off. Explanation later.

born in the U.S. boarders

live in the U.S. for 14 years if you lived in another country

Primary and Caucus

you will need to win the hearts of voters to ensure your position in election

Primary- silent vote

Caucus - debate

(hint- bring up topics that your appoints are ignoring and start campaign hard in Iowa Florida, California and Texas because theses have a high # of electoral votes. Iowa is important because it can decide the rest of the race

National convention

This is where your party officially nominates a candidate that outlines that party's beliefs

(hint- be a likable person)

general election

This is when the polls open up and the public votes

November 8

(hint- do out polls)

electoral collage

this is when the electoral collage decides if you are the right canidate for the state

remember 270 electoral votes are required

additional information

as mentioned earlier you should hold off on running at 35 because voters want someone who has other experience like a senator or house of representatives and you probably wont have the money to promote your self

My persional canidate

the ideal person for me would be Phil Robertson because he has old time knowledge and bring us back to where we were