Fashion in Ancient Rome

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Fashion in Ancient Rome

Fashion in Ancient Rome was very unique. Everything the people wore was uniform. The three basic pieces of an every day wardrobe was the stola, tunic, and toga.

Men Wardrobe

The basic item for the male was the tunic, made of two pieces sown together at the shoulders and belted with a garment at the knees. The opening for the arms were left at the top of the garment. The shoes that men wore were a high sandal and plan sandals.

Women Wardrobe

The basic item for the female was the stola. It was essentially a long tunic reaching to the ground. The stola was worn over a long tunic, it was often the case were the stola was shorter than the under tunic to show the layers of the garment. As an over garment, the women wore a ricinium, a square shaped cloak that covered the shoulders. Sandals were generally regarded as indoor foot wear, so the women wore a slippers inside and boots outside.

Children Wardrobe (Boys)

The basic wardrobe for boys was, a basic tunic that would reach to their knees and had short sleeves. In the second century AD styles changed for the young boys. Now they were allowed to add long sleeves with the tunic and a cloak that was fastened at the shoulders with a clasp. The basic shoes for the boys were boots and sandals.
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Children Wardrobe (Girls)

The younger girls every day outfit was very unique. They wore a tunic that was belted at the waist. When they went outside they wore a second tunic that reached to their feet. They would also were a cloak that would clasp around that shoulders. They wore a variety of shoes like, boots, sandals, and slippers, but the slippers were only aloud to be worn inside.


People in Ancient Rome loved jewelry, they loved the shininess of the jewels. The people of Rome mad a law that you were only aloud to wear 16 jewels, you could not wear any more or you would have been punished. The main jewelry the Romans wore were, earrings, rings, bracelets, and anklets.

Make Up

Women in Rome wore make up every day, no body wanted to be seen without make up. If they ran out of one make up pice they would not got any where but stay home. The children that were girls were not allowed to were make up till they were 15 years old, it was a law. The main types of make up were blush, eyeshadow, powder, mascara, lip stick, and eye liner. They made there make up very different then they did today. Their eyeshadow wash made out of ash from a fire and their blush was made out of a poison. Now no women wanted to be seen without white powder on their face, they said if they did not have powder on their face they would look like a country girl. Powder was made out of chalk.
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