My Deja Vu Smore

By: Nico Castillo My Deja Vu Smore,wait what oh man deja vu

Why did I chose this topic?

I chose this topic because I have experienced a lot of deja vus in the past, and I wanna know why does it keep happening, and I think it could help me and other people by knowing the reason of why does it happen and being able to explain it.

What is a deja vu?

The word "Deja vu " comes from the french as "already seen", the meaning of the word is a phenomenon that happens when you have the feeling of already living a moment
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Interesting Facts

There are other phenomenoms close to deja vu, called Déjà Vécu, Déjà Visité,Déjà Senti,Jamais Vu,Presque Vu,L’esprit de l’Escalier,Capgras Delusion,Fregoli Delusion,Prosopagnosia

Experiments on deja vu

They made experiments on people, they would show them a list of celebrities names, later they showed the teachers a list of celebrities photos, later they were told to identify the names of the photos, and the result was that they couldn't match any pictures but, the participants were able to collect a little bit of the memory, but it wasn't enough so they weren't able to connect to the new experience

What happens in your brain?

Scientist can't explain what happens in your brain while in a deja vu happens because they don't have solid evidence, but scientists have made a lot of theories for example there is a theory that there are cooperative processes called familiarity and recollection and when these two procesess get out of sync people experience deja vu