World Heritage Midwest- March 2016

Tips for finding host families

*Check with your schools

*Friends, Neighbors, Relatives, Co-workers

*Facebook/Social Media (

*Current and Past Host Families

*Churches, Clubs, Scouts

- HOST FAMILIES ARE EVERYWHERE- You just have to ask!

Make sure you are following up on every lead you get or come across!

Other ways of finding families.

Use the internet to research your local communities to see what events you can use to help bring awareness to the program.

Set up a table or booth at a local mall, sporting event, farmers market, etc.. to help promote the program.

- If you need supplies for these events, just ask, I can get them to you.

*** I am here to help you ***

-Host families are EVERYWHERE- We just have to ask!

Now is the time

Now is the time to start finding host families. Schools will soon be filling their spots and going on Summer break. It will be harder to get school approvals during the summer months. And don't forget the extra incentives for placing students before June 1st and June 30th. Today there are still 163 students in the database. Let's work together to help get you that placement!

New Reps Welcome to our Team!

Darlene Smith (Missouri)

Jessica Taylor (Missouri)

Syndee Johnson (Missouri)

Amy Ives (Kansas)