Bilingual/ESL Newsletter - December 2015


Way to Go Caldwell!

Caldwell was the first campus to have all teachers ESL certified!

Way to Go Scott Johnson Middle School!

The AVID/ESL Family Night was a great success!

Thank you Mitch Curry and your AVID and ESL Staff for another successful Student/Parent Night showcasing your programs!

Everyone had a fun-filled and a well-informed evening thanks to the collaboration between the AVID and ESL teams, donations from local businesses, staff support, and great prizes!

Thank you Mr. Curry, Mr. Warren, Dr. Waite, Mr. Chalmers, and Ms. Latisha Johnson and all others who helped to make this evening enjoyable for our families.

Building Capacity in Teachers


ESL Teacher, Jenny Wooters, developed an “ESL Help Menu” for Evans MS teachers to set up appointments with her and learn how to use the ELPS Guide (LIAG) to linguistically accommodate for ELLs.

Evans teachers are taking advantage of Jenny’s training to better assist our ELLs at Evans Middle School. On January 8, 2016, EMS teachers will have the opportunity to attend a session on how to linguistically accommodate for our ELLS during one of their off periods.

A HUGE SHOUT OUT to Mr. Young, Dr. Ledbetter, and Mrs. Robbins for supporting Jenny’s efforts to support our ELLs at Evans Middle School!

Best Practices

One of our goal as a department is to provide resources that will help teachers instructionally support our ELL students. We have recently created a document for teachers who are new to serving ELLs. Although it was created with new teachers in mind it holds all the resources that any teacher who serves ELLs would find useful.

Please share this new resource with your teachers.

ELLs Supporting Documents

Nuts & Bolts for Administrators

Upcoming PD for Administrators

SIOP For Administrators - 1/25/2016 - 8:30-3:30

Lost in Translation - 2/4/15 - 8:30-3:30 *Updated Date

ESL Certification

Please help us to continue communicating the linked information below with teachers who are not ESL certified on your campus.

  • The deadline for new hires is January 31.
  • The next ESL Certification Prep Class at MISD will be on January 5-6.

ESL Certification Communication

LPAC Nuts & Bolts


  • December STAAR Retakes – Remember, LPAC may continue to use the assessment decisions from Spring 2015 for any LEP students that need to retake STAAR.
  • LEP & Monitored Students – Continue to monitor grades for all of your LEP and monitored students at mid quarter and end of quarter.
  • Monitor Forms - Don’t forget to fill in the 2nd 9-week grades for your Monitored students at the end of December.
  • TELPAS - TELPAS season is upon us! If you haven’t already done so, please send Amber Buie a list of TELPAS raters for your campus. Be sure to identify your new raters. New raters that have never rated before will need to attend Fundamentals of TELPAS training on December 8 or 9 or you can send your campus LPAC Coordinator and have him/her bring the training back to your campus.
  • Our Mid-Year LPAC – Assessment Decisions Training will be held on February 9 in the Board Room at Central Office.
  • Mark Your Calendars
  • LPAC - MOY - 2/9/2016 - 8:30-11:30
    LPAC - EOY - 4/19/2016 - 8:30-11:30

TELPAS Training Reminder

Fundamentals of TELPAS -

12/8/2015 OR 12/9/2015 - 8:30-3:30 - Dowell Middle School Library

This training is required for all new TELPAS raters. It is intended to provide new raters a working knowledge of the ELPS & TELPAS correlation and an understanding of how to use PLD (Proficiency Level Descriptors) for instruction and assessment. This is a fundamental training that will help new raters be successful in their January on-line training and rating.

LPAC Coordinator should communicate with administrators if the campus has any new TELPAS raters. Information regarding this training should be provided to new raters.

*Administrators may choose to send a trainer who will turn-around the training after school (3 sessions) or during the January waiver day. Please coordinate with your campus administrator if they are wanting all new raters to attend the December session or if they prefer for a trainer to attend. Please work with the trainer to schedule the sessions on your campus. A sign-in sheet is required and needs to be sent to the Bilingual/ESL Department.

December & 2nd Semester PD

PD for 2015-16 - This document includes all PD provided by the Bilingual/ESL Dept for 2015-16.

Please help us communicate any required or recommended training for staff members on your campus. Below are upcoming PD dates to help facilitate communication.

A PD Google Calendar has also been developed to provide up to date communication of available professional development.

Elementary ELL Point People

We will have a quarterly after school training for elementary ELL Point People that will provide them with ELPS training and resources for “just-in-time” mini trainings they will need to turn-around during a staff meeting.

We recommend that you select a teacher that is ready for leadership opportunities and able to present to the whole staff.

*If your ELL Point People are not able to attend one of these trainings, please ensure that another representative who will be able to take back the training to your campus is in attendance.

3rd Quarter - 1/28/2016 - 4:00-6:00

ELPS Focus - Building Background

4th Quarter - 3/17/2016 - 4:00-6:00

ELPS Focus - Learning Strategies

Elementary ESL Teachers

Highly Recommended for Teachers with Newcomers. Please share information with your teachers. Sub covered!

Sub Cost Coverage Procedures and Form

Word Study for Successful ELLs (2nd-5th) - 2/8/15 - 8:30-3:30

This interactive presentation will motivate teachers and students alike to learn academic vocabulary in fun and effective ways that will make a difference in content area comprehension! Teachers will participate in learning the same techniques advocated for student learning. Objectives include teaching students how to become independent word solvers, providing instruction for specific word meanings, and helping students enjoy learning and using new words, leading them toward a deeper understanding of reading and content.

Secondary ESL Teachers Quarterly PD

Required Training. Sub cost covered by the Bilingual/ESL Dept.

3rd Quarter - 2/3/16 - 8:30-3:30

FULL DAY - ELPS Academy for Secondary (TOT)

4th Quarter - 4/13/16 - 8:30-3:30

Bilingual K-3 Quarterly PD

Please share dates with your bilingual teachers.

Sub Cost Coverage Procedures and Form

2nd Quarter - Structures and Language Acquisition

  • K-1st Grade Bilingual Teachers & IC - 12/2/2015 - 8:00-11:00
  • 2nd-3rd Grade Bilingual Teachers & IC - 12/2/2015 - 12:30-3:30

3rd Quarter - Criterio de la Escritura (6 + 1 Traits)

  • K-1st Grade Bilingual Teachers & IC - 1/21/2016 - Full Day - 8:30-3:30
  • 2nd-3rd Grade Bilingual Teachers & IC - 1/28/2016 - Full Day - 8:30-3:30

4th Quarter - Words Their Way & Independent Writing

  • K-1st Grade Bilingual Teachers & IC - 3/1/2016 - Full Day - 8:30-3:30
  • 2nd-3rd Grade Bilingual Teachers & IC - 3/2/2016 - Full Day - 8:30-3:30

Bilingual 4th & 5th Grade PD

Please share dates with your bilingual teachers.

Sub Cost Coverage Procedures and Form


  • Spanish Reading Academies/ LEER Mas II (4th-5th Bilingual) - 1/27/16 - 8:30-3:30
  • 4th Grade Bilingual - One-Way Dual Language Implementation and Balanced Literacy Overview - 5/26/16 - 8:30-3:30

Recommended but Not Required

  • Word Study for Successful ELLs - 2/8/16 - 8:30-3:30

Bilingual Instructional Coaches

2nd Quarter - Nuts & Bolts with a Working Lunch 12/17/15 - 10:30-1:00

SIOP - 5/12/16 - 8:30-3:30

ESL Certification Test Prep. Class

ESL TExES #154 Preparation Course (2 Full Days) At McKinney

*Please register through Eduphoria,

  • January 5 & 6

There are also several classes offered through Region 10 including on Saturdays.

  • Next Saturday Class - December 12

Useful Links


SIOP For Administrators - 1/25/2016 - 8:30-3:30

Lost in Translation - 2/4/15 - 8:30-3:30 *Updated Date