SME Staff Meeting

September 11th at 2:30

SME Belief Statement

Every child has the right to receive quality instruction to prepare for college and career success in the 21st century. We will provide real world learning opportunities through technology, collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking. SME staff has the privilege of collaborating with highly motivated, creative and professional colleagues. We will continually evolve and improve upon our own teaching practices to create a rigorous, engaging learning environment.


  • Celebrations- YOU MATTER (5 min.)
  1. Video
  • Procedure for SSTs (25 min)
  1. Sped Team
  • Intervention (15 min)
  1. Example
  • Program Improvement (10 min)
  1. School Choice
  2. Single Plan
  3. Professional Development
  • School Goals (10 min)
  1. Walkthrough Forms

Location: MPR

Please bring your iPad if you have one. If you do not have an iPad, please ask someone at your grade level if you can use an iTouch from their classroom for this staff meeting.

Please download a QR code reader on your iPad (or iTouch) to participate in the chat today.

Please answer one of these two questions at the start of the meeting (all must participate)

How have you made one student feel like they are important and they MATTER to you, give a specific example?


How has your instruction changed in math, ELD or writing, based on the professional development you have received?

SMEA Meeting after Staff Meeting


Grant Application Guidelines
Purpose: The Grant Program is designed to encourage creative and innovative approaches to instruction and to assist and enrich the learning experience of students within the district. Our purpose is to seek the greatest benefit for students

Eligibility: All certified teachers and library media techs from each site are eligible.

Award Funds: The budget for enrichment awards and the number of awards will vary from year to year. Please note that this year's grant amounts have been INCREASED to $500 for individual applicants and $1000 for team (2 or more).

Due dates & requirements:

Our application process has two requirements.

Completed hard copy application packet (3 part) may be submitted only by U.S. mail to:
SMEF Allocations
PO Box 1332
San Marcos, CA 92079-1332

For consideration in the 2013 round, application packets must be postmarked no later than September 27, 2013.

Selection criteria:

Applications will be rated on the following 5 points.

Greatest Benefit To Students
Innovative and Educational Nature
Curriculum Enhancement – Not normally funded by the district
Direct Student Involvement- greatest number of students benefiting
Reasonable Budget