Engage the Class Using any Device

Multi-Device Compatibility

This free (for now) software enables multiple ways of communication between teachers and students through ipads, computers, or a mix of both! Teachers, you will set up your account at:

Students will access your "room" through an assigned number at the following address:

Getting Started

Here is a link to a Socrative tour that provides step by step instructions for using this software with your students.

Types of Activities

Within Socrative, many options are available for interaction with students. Teachers can assess by using multiple choice, true/false, short answer, quick quiz, exit ticket or space race.

Step 1

Once you have logged into, tell your class to go to Tell the students the room number that appears on your home screen.

Step 2

Now the teacher will initiate an activity from the list. When the students respond, you will see the results on your screen.

Pre-made Activities

The single question activities can be on the fly or prepared questions of your choice. On these types of questions, teachers will verbally ask a question. The student will not see the question displayed on their device.

On the quiz based activities, teacher can have the questions sent to the students and can be made ahead of time by clicking on the "manage quizzes" button. From this screen the following options will appear.

By selecting "Create a Quiz", you will be taken to a screen in which you can add questions and answers. This quiz can be shared between teachers. Once you are finished adding your questions, go back to the main screen in order to initiate the quiz by selecting "Start Quiz."

Exit Ticket

The exit ticket is pre-populated with questions. The first question is last and first name. The other question screens are shown below.

Closing thoughts......

Socrative does not have image capabilities at this time. When using Socrative on an iPad, both the teacher and the student have separate apps to click on for access to the program - not through the Safari browser. All reports download as excel spreadsheets. If you do not have excel on your computer, drop the file into your google docs drive to convert the file. I did test the quiz template, it too will work if you drop the file into google drive, edit it, then download it as an .xlsx file.

STAAR Review with Socrative

Our 8th grade ELA teachers began preparation for implementation the day after training! WOW! FYI: They scanned a pdf of the questions from the passage to be covered and saved that as a Word file (actually 1 teacher worked directly from Word and the other uploaded the Word document into Google Docs to work out of there.) This allowed them to copy paste into the Quiz Builder in Socrative (as some of their questions and answers were very lengthy.)