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A Steam Shower and Tub: Is it for You?

Tip! Indulge in a warm and relaxing steam shower if you need a good technique to start your entire day or when you want to relax when you finish a very busy day.

Steam baths have been a popular way of bathing for thousands of years. These were known to the ancient Greeks and have long heritages in both Turkey and Russia.

These days, steam baths can be located in many spas and gyms. They are also growing to be increasingly popular for home installment. Because of current advancements in steam generator technology steam baths can be installed in almost any residential bathroom.

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Frequently we hear the phrases steam bath, steam shower and steam sauna. Will they mean the exact same thing? Strictly speaking, a steam bath is an enclosure which is held at about 45°C. It is supplied with a steam generator which generates a heavy clouds of mist. The space has got to be fairly well sealed to prevent the steam from escaping and also to prevent moisture damage to the surrounding structure.

A steam shower is essentially the exact same as a steam bath but on a smaller scale. Most commonly it is big enough for one or two people and it can be installed in a standard shower stall. Steam showers are often utilized for residential steam baths.

A steam bath is sometimes called a steam sauna but a sauna is actually yet another sort of bath. A Finnish sauna creates a dry heat as well as being much hotter than a steam bath. Saunas are more often than not heated between 70°C and 100°C. Steam is produced in a sauna by pouring water over hot rocks, but usually the air is very dry -- around 20% humidity as compared to 100% humidity in a steam bath.

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Lots of people would love to have a steam shower installed in their house but they are concerned about the build-up of humidity. If you have a fairly modern bathroom with an enclosed shower stall, it is simple to install a steam shower without any concerns about accumulated humidity.

The steam shower has got to be an encapsulated unit to contain the moisture and to let it drain off. If you do not posses an enclosed shower stall or bathtub, existing bathtubs can be modified to accommodate a steam shower. For those who have a large bathroom, the remaining alternative requires you to install an independent steam shower.

Tip! Truth be told there truly is practically nothing like a house steam shower or sauna. After you have one, you will find that the friends and neighbors are coming around more regularly to take advantage of the health and lifestyle benefits which come along with daily or even weekly use.

The steam generator does not have to be in the bathroom. It may be installed as much as 40 feet away from the steam shower. The generator needs a sufficient electrical connection, and a number of models also have to be connected to a drain.

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The steam generator is connected to a steam head which is installed in the steam bath itself. A number of steam heads have built in controls while others are managed with an external unit. It is more convenient to have the control inside the steam bath itself in order to make adjustments as needed.

Since steam baths are so relaxing you certainly will spend more time in there compared to a normal shower. This means it's also wise to install some type of seating system. The steam heads should be installed from the seating area in order that the possibility to be scalded by using the hot steam is decreased.

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All this installation work requires specialized plumbing and electrical skills. Before you make the decision to install a steam shower in your house, consult with both a plumber and an domestic electrician to see in case it is feasible. They can also be equipped to give you an estimate of the cost involved