Traveling to Canada

By, Connor Russell



I hear a lot of good things about Canada and that people want to move there.

From what I heard it sounds like a great place. If you do a little bit of research you find it’s wonderful because of the outdoors, food, and if Trump or Hillary become president they won’t be my president.

The Outdoors of Canada

Now I may be a video game nerd ,but I can do outdoor activities. And Canada has the perfect weather for whatever sport you want to play. From golf to camping to skiing if the season is right. If the weather is to your liking you and conditions are right you can do any outdoor activity you please to do.

New Food

A big part of traveling for me is to try new food. Now you can call me crazy all you want ,but I think these foods might taste pretty good. There’s poutine ,which is basically french fries covered with gravy and cheese curds. These next two I could find the name of ,but they still sound good. Macaroni and cheese cooked over beef and BACON with a scoop of ice cream on top.

Trump or Hillary

I’m not old enough to vote ,but I still have interests in politics. Know a lot of you know about Donald Trump building a wall and I don’t want that. Do you know what else I don’t want as a president; someone that emailed classified information *cough* Hillary *cough*. I also don’t want that same person to ban violent video games. Also I hate sounds of their voices on TV and if I do move there I won’t have to worry about them.


So that is why I want to move to Canada. The perfect-for-everything weather, the food, and no Trump or Hillary. There are a lot of other reasons to travel there like it’s affordable, the people are nice ect. ,but these were, in my opinion, the most important reasons.

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