Should Casinos Be Legal in MN?

Yes or no?

Gambling in the U.S. has many good things that help society, but there are also negatives that make people question if it should be legal or not. In my opinion, gambling should be legal due to how it offers jobs to the people and helps the economy as the government gains a lot of money off taxes from casinos.

How would it be of benefit?

If casinos were legal in Minnesota, it would help the state government economy. According to, states the legalize gambling all have increases in their tax revenue. For example, when gambling became legal in Missouri, tax revenue was increased by $190 million. Casinos that are located in largely populated areas or areas that attracted tourists. If casinos came to Minnesota, it would be best to put them in larger suburbs around the Twin Citites. The best potential spot could be Bloomington due to tourists already being attracted there by the Mall of America.

Pros/Cons of Gambling

Pros of Gambling

  • Leads to job opportunities(about 400,000 according to
  • Government generates 4 billion dollars in taxes, helps the economy
  • It's entertaining to the people and very enjoyable when you win
  • Increase tourist attraction to Minnesota

Cons of Gambling

  • Leads to citizens of society losing money when they are not lucky and can ruin some people's lives
  • Very, very addictive
  • Gambling could lead to the fixing of matches